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Cold Weather and Piercings - A Guide to a Succesful Winter

by User Not Found | Dec 02, 2014
Cold Weather and Your Piercings!

As temperatures across our awesome Canadian landscape drop, we are getting prepared by gearing up with winter boots, mittens and toques. Well, for those of us who are body modified, we also have to consider how to protect our piercings from cold weather damage. One thing to keep in mind during the cold weather is protecting exposed skin, especially if it has a piece of metal jewelry through it! Metal is an excellent conductor of cold and heat, and when you have facial and body piercings that could become exposed to the cold, we have to take extra precaution. 

Frostbite, in a nutshell is skin or soft tissue that freezes due to exposure to extreme cold. Our bodies are designed to fight cold, but if we get too cold, the body stops sending warm blood to your appendages (nose, ears, fingers, etc.) and it keeps it near the core of your body to protect your vital organs and prevent hypothermia.

This automatic response by our bodies is wonderful for survival, but not awesome for our piercings. Noses and ears getting cold first with the added metal can cause an extra problem. The jewelry can actually act like a "heat sink" in other words as the jewelry gets cold, it transfers more cold to the pierced area, like inserting an icicle, carrying the cold inside that soft tissue.

Prevention is the best medicine! When you know you will be outside in our Canadian climate, please take extra precaution and cover those areas that contain your precious piercings. Don't move the jewelry around if the area is cold, and get inside and slowly rewarm the areas. Heavy gauge pieces of metal should be avoided if possible, and if you know you're going to be in the elements for long periods of time, maybe consider acrylic or Pyrex jewelry?

Let's make this winter a beautifully modified one by taking care of your piercings and don't hesitate to contact your favorite piercer if you have any questions or concerns! 
Courtney Rose 
Body Piercer
CULTure Grande Prairie 
(780) 839-2986


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