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CULTURE was born following the 10 year growth of our sister company Culture Craze.

Our following; the talented, creative and expressive young people who have grown with Culture Craze through the past decade are the very people who have helped shape this new brand.

The love and pride that we have for the tattooed and pierced lifestyle means learning more about the products, the procedures and refining the services we offer, which fuels our desire to bring forward our best to the industry...


CULTURE brings forth the trust, experience, design and merchandise that we all want and deserve.  Embracing each other as individuals, but also as a part of this amazing alternative lifestyle is the seed that brings this brand to life.   

Canadian owned, and operated through the hard work of our loyal employees, each of our staff members, past and present, is routed within us.

CULTURE is the result of hard work, determination, commitment from our staff and 10+ years of loyal shoppers with Culture Craze. 

Thank you for your part in our history and our future.  You are our FAMILY.